Transformers Fan Art

The objective.

To convert pro-active user-generated contents -hand drawings of Transformers characters- into a contest. Which could be used to create a new hype around the brand and also use the already exciting high fandom rate as a benefit.

The execution.

– Turning the pro-active fanart contents, that we received via DM, into a concept used to promote the brand.

– Creating a concept that encourages followers to share their Transformer fanart with us in order to join the contest

– A total of 50 special handmade drawings have been received through Instagram,

– 3 fanart pieces were chosen as winners.

The result.

The contest has increased the hype around Transformers and has created a unique platform for user-generated contents. The process has also helped us to take the relationship with already dedicated fans to the next level. 



Hasbro / Transformers


User Generated Content, Community Management, Social Media Contest