Kido Series

The objective.

To create a story for our superhero; Kido, who carries a didactic mission, combined with fun and involving contents.

The idea.

To use the brand’s valuable asset of social media while telling a story to the target group. Kido presents the first social media series: My Super Hero!

The execution.

– Developing a strategy, using the social media channel differently by creating a superhero social media series.

– Writing a full-year story, which involves multiple episodes and locations which were divided into seasons according to the story flow.

– Creating a series-like concept for Instagram with multiple seasons and episodes. And supporting social media posts with visuals according to the story, involving posts that motivate users to take action. (for example, creating puzzles and quizzes)

– Managing the community on social media during the campaign period.

The result.

– Teaching the children facts about various places around the world through the moving story of Kido,

– 35% increase on all engagements,

– 21% increase on impressions,

– 25% increase on reach/engagement rates,

–  Kids calling Kido a real superhero, with an amazing story!



Pınar / Kido


Strategy Development, Concept Design, Content Creation, Storytelling, Social Media Management