Video consumption on social media

In recent years, most studies about the relationship between social media videos and users show that the importance of videos has increased undeniably.

In our agency, we have been always aware of this trend and have created our own studio and in-house production team to increase speed, quality and brand connectivity and produce videos as contents on regular basis.

This working model requires a closer look into reflection of the video universe for our social media accounts to figure out what is required for better video content strategy.

More Videos Does Not Necessarily Mean More Views

After a short overview onto our social media accounts, the studies have proved that more videos doesn’t always bring more views. Moreover, it is possible to say that when more videos are preferred over photos or static visuals, the view and interaction numbers are getting lower.

So, quantity is losing value over quality, because more people gets access to create qualified content each day. If this issue needs to be decided for an account, the optimum point for related account should be found by trials. The optimum point is clearly maximum interaction or view rate per video content or whatever is the KPI.

Niche Marketing Requires Extra Patience

It has always been challenging to communicate about products or services which require niche marketing. However, if the right channel is detected, it can get really effective. It is just about where to look at.

In video universe, the logic is similar. While producing a video content about a niche product, peak point of creativity is required to gather high amount of views (while paid media is not included). Otherwise, the content creator should be patient to get high numbers on views since it is harder to reach really-related people who would appreciate the content, even when paid media included.

Bullet-Fast Message Transaction Is Key

If the quality part is done, the creative team should focus on one point: conveying the message as fast as a bullet, since the users lose interest literally in each second. The video universe is getting bigger and there is no time of users to waste on irrelevant, uncreative or pointless videos.

According to the research on our social media accounts, only 26% of all users complete the whole video. To avoid being disappeared in this content clutter, it is now becoming a law to be as fast as possible on video contents to catch users.

Video Views Should Be Considered As Interactions

It is obvious to see that a video view is not exactly an interaction. However, it requires an extra effort to see a video, especially on today’s extra-crowded social media world. So, the users may not be always into clicking for like or commenting about it afterwards unless the video is really interesting for them.

If the video views are not included in interaction numbers, the content creator can get disappointed while looking at the numbers especially the account posts are mostly videos.

Time and Life Sensitivity Brings More Views

No matter what the content really is; if a video shows a slice of life, a scene that helps users to replace themselves and feel like they can become a part of the shown-world, the video gets more views and interactions.

This generalization is also valid for real-time contents. Users are literally in love with time-based contents and get more bonding with the content and brand when they see one.

They Need to See How to Use or Create Stories

In general, it is possible to say that users use brand social media accounts as guides to learn how to integrate specific product or service into their lives.

But of course, just showing them how to use is not generally enough. It is also important to show them how to create various stories which include themselves, mostly in a happy picture.

The final benefit they get out of the video should be something useful for their daily social lives or tension points.

Being Direct As Much As Possible Helps

Since the speed that users expect increases day-by-day, the necessity of being to-the-point is also appears. In this situation, it looks like it is a better strategy to divide the video into smaller and meaningful parts while introducing something, instead of posting long and boring videos that show all features at once.