Pickle Social in 10 questions.

We have answered the most frequently asked 10 questions about us for those who are curious.

How are the incoming reactions for the name of “Pickle”?
There is a brief answer for this question. Before our meetings, near the reception desk, when we say “We are coming from Pickle Social” the reaction is usually: “?!*+)(/&%#”
But, of course we love it! Because it sticks to people’s mind and causes smiles on their faces!

So, are your works attractive as much as your name?
Yes, we suppose! Increasing number of local and global brands in our portfolio since the beginning can be shown as the proof of this.

Why do you describe yourself as “the agency of long term relationships”?
Actually, this is a witty reference to our professionalism mentality and self-confidence. Just like in human relationships, it is very important to build a spirit match, to get to know in-depth and to expect realistic results in agency – brand relationships. Luckily, we have maintained our relationships continuously with 80% of our brands since the beginning. And this persistence makes us very happy.

So, do these long term relationships affect on social life of agency?
Yes, needless to say! The affects are very high! For instance, some of our happy hours are dedicated for NERF challenges! We build two equal teams and start a ruthless challenge doesn’t last for hours.

What are the most contributing elements for the vision of Pickle Social?
Having local and global brands from various industries is not only keeping us in the game and updated, but also pushing us to develop new solutions for increasing efficiency. This motivation helps us to research and expand our vision. Especially, seeing our works are being used globally or selected as best cases are major factors that keeps our excitement refreshed!

What does “having main focus on engagement” mean?
Especially in social media, it is getting more and more complicated to answer user demands and expectations and interact with them. In other words, the expanding cluster of contents makes the brands to have difficult times on “genuinely” interacting with users. Real and genuine engagement requires some kind of investments and a clock-work system. 

Can you name those requirements in-detail?
We are constantly looking for new ways to respond the high-speed content consumption of users with quality. We think that one of those ways is creating contents with the support of an in-house production team. That’s why we have built a mechanism that includes a professional production team and studios. In addition, we constantly invest on business softwares which help us to increase effectivity, track the process easier and reach to desired quality on final outputs. We believe that the most important thing is to be refreshed constantly!

Let’s switch to the fun side. Is it true that order of seating changes after each successful pitch?
It’s not true that it happens after a successful pitch. We can say that you may see this “re-arrangement” after any ordinary lunch-break.

We heard that the president is an excellent striker on football. Is this real? Or is the opposition let him to be?
We do not want to comment about this!

Do you support young colleagues in Pickle Social?
Yes, our door is always open to anyone. By the way, the average age in our agency is 25. We love to work with younger minds and opinions!